Sømna bygdebok

Sømna has four volumes with farm and family histories. The books are richly illustrated with photos, drawings and maps.

New from the summer of 2019 is an updated genealogy and a list of relevant probates. This is all given as searchable PDF-documents, see the links on top of the page.

Volume 1

In volume 1, a general history is found under «The oldest time», and a general view over the years around 1600 to 1900. The book includes 30 farms around the Ursfjorden area.

Volume 2

Volume 2 has 18 farms. It begins with Kvaløya and goes north to Knyk. Also, the islands which belong to Sømna are included.

Volume 3

Volume 3, which begins with Vik, discusses 11 farms. In this book you can read about the church in Vik. The book goes forward to and includes Brekkeidet.

Volume 4

Volume 4 has 14 farms, and Dalbotn and the area around Berg is included.


This is accessible as a downloadable PDF-document. In the document you can read about searching with Adobe Reader.


All four volumes are for sale and cost 500 NOK per book plus shipping. An index of the people for all four books costs 100 NOK.

This has been said in connection with volume 3 of Sømna bygdebok which came out in 1992:

«The success continues! Volume 3 of Sømna Bygdebok is of the same high professional standard as the first two volumes. It has consistently high quality workmanship that both authors and the community can be proud of.»
Doctor of Philosophy Magnus Mardal

«The first two volumes are like a big, exciting catalogue over our own near and distant past. Here the executed work is in a broad format. Oh my, what an interesting project.»
Dag Skogheim, author

«It will be interesting to read about my ancestors from Sømna.»
Åge Aleksandersen, music artist

«Good luck with the reading of the third volume of Sømna Bygdebok. It is one of the best in the country.»
Harald Tusberg, NRK program editor (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)


Tor Qvale Mathisen
Forfatter / Author
Mobil 950 77 509


Kystveien 84A

8920 Sømna