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Sømna local council is situated in the southernmost part of Helgeland. At present (2012) Sømna has 2038 inhabitans distributed over an area of 192 km2. The local administration (adress: Vik, 8920 Sømna) is located in the midst of Sømna.

Arriving from the south, the locality of Vennesund welcomes you to Sømna. Vennesund has long trdaditions as a trading centre, featuring a camping site, a kiosk, boat letting service, cultural monuments and a beautyful recently restored pier with a restaurant.

As long back as records go, Sømna's fertile landscape has laid the foundation for the settlement here; several finds tell the history of Sømna from the early Iron Age until modern day. The oldest find is a leather shoe which could date back to around 300 BC.

Agriculture is the most important industry in Sømna. There ara approx. 30 km2 of productive farming land, directly or indirectly employing more than 65% of the population. North Norway's largest dairy is situated here, as well as a storehouse for vegetables.

Sømna local council is in development, both when it comes to adapting culture and nature to the public as well as etablishing new business.

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